Thursday, June 7

Either Fuck Off Or Love Eternal !!

When we first begin to write a love letter we never know what to write at all and when we end the love letter we never realise what we have written...

It begins like that all the time: ( early before they turn out to be lovers ) 

* The guy asks for going out
* The guy makes the decision if he likes the girl
* The guy tells the girl that he loves her
* The guy buys her flowers or gifts to convince
* The guy promises her that nothing will separate them

And then ! ( few days after dating )

* The guy repeats he loves the girl
* The guy says the girl everything will be wonderful
* The guy makes girl to have pretty dreams based on marriage
* The guy convinces the girl that he is the right man her dreams are made of

Andd thenn !! ( few months/years later 'depends on the relationship's life span )

* The guy begins to yell at girl because of jealousy
* The guy gets mad at little things
* The guy forgets the special days like anniversaries, birthdays, first meeting dates etc
* The guy makes up excuses to put the blame on girl
* The guy feels that he is drowned in everything she does

Anddd thennn !!! ( time to break up )

* The guy sheds crocodile tears when the girl really cries out
* The guy says the girl he will always love her
* The guy disappears in a sudden 


Here he is... He is just dick-minded ass... Majority of the guys lack of mind, intelligence, emotion and love etc etc.. Who can ever tell the opposite then?? Isnt it totally right???

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