Wednesday, December 12

Let Me Out

It is too late to find and replace,
It is too late to feel regret,
It is just too late to go back to the best moment of the life.
So no regret, no cry.
Mourning that these nightmares will never come to an end.
Too much to handle,  too much to move on.
And less time to calm down.
So what is left then?
What to hold on,
Who to depend on?
If "Nothing"
If "Nobody"
What I am living for?
Life is for the wolves who play hard
Not for the weakest lambs.
Do your best my soul.
Do your best my heart.
Till the things get broken.
So that my heart never beats with the repentance of missing the best chances ever.
By being beaten from time to time
This soul will learn how to beat things down.
So fuck you, fuck those fears that captivate and torture me endlessly.
Just let me out, let me out, let me out.
As I dont need anything around.