Saturday, October 27

Multi Lingua Franca

Well these days I have been immensely busy with the stuff all around..4 days holiday as it is sacrifice feast in islam world. Yeah I just feel strange each sacrifice feast. It is because I dont like meat nor killing animals besides I faint when I see blood which troubles me all the time.

Yesterday we had some guests consist of my kinsmen :) of course majority of my family.. We have tradition that everyone visits each other on those special religious feasts.

This is the second time I began to dislike africans. Let me tell the reason. My uncle's daughter just brought a south african with her.. In English I just told her "Happy eid, welcome to my house, how are you?" She just looked at my face as if I did something wrong :DD
My cousin asked me to greet my uncle in english too who doesnt know english, not even any language :D
I was like that "heyy my uncieee, whatsup? and he even said "ich liebe dich" and we laughed and I said.. "ich auch, ich auch" and he didnt understand me pppphahahahaha..
I served her some cake dessert and cookies and of course all the rest of guests too but she looked at me with an empty eyes..This made me freak out indeed.. At least there is a sentence like "thank you"... My uncle said "merci beaucoup" and I said "rica ederim" in turkish.. So in kitchen I asked my cousin if african doesnt know english? she said african is speaking 4 languages included english and turkish. Ohh I just called "little bitch" inside and smiling outside :DDD
While they were leaving I said my unciee "Adios guapo" hahaha..
The girl who doesnt know how to thank just hugged and kissed me.. Wtf??

Never mind.. In the evening my sister visited with my bro in law and ofc my nephew and niece.
My nephew is 7 years old and niece 15. I just sat with my niece and my nephew gave me some play-dough to make him something.. I just made snake,slug,turtle etc.. Suddenly something flew in my mind..I said my nephew not to watch me as I will surprise him.
I made a dick and its balls besides I added penis head and little hole :DDD it made my niece giggle so loud that he turned around and watched the little thing then asked "Auntieee, what is it??" "uhmm it is a microphone Enes." LOLOLOL then he showed the balls and asked "aunt what is it? " Enes, It is a king of supportive legs so that microphone stands still" ahahaha.. I know I am so wicked...

I know I am not that perfect but at least such a nice dick ohh sorry microphone standing in my hand...

This one shows obviously what it looks like.. We laughed all through the night...Probably a very hard microphone :D so dont lick the microphone !!!

Photos by my niece :DDDD