Thursday, January 17

All I Need ...

Is A Mustache ^^

Hiiii fellassss
Well I am in a hurry indeed but well I need to write somehow.
It was an amazing day, I woke up cheerful and I chatted with my friends of course and we had fun.. It was insane actually that I had some audios that I imitate kitten monkey and cat etc. Besides let me show you how sexy I could be if I was born as a male LOL.

Kiss my mustache.

One of the girl on formspring said I look like Super Mario ahaha then I am cute ha? I know it was one of my extreme fun outburst day..OMG I still laugh as long as I remember that I recorded some shouting voice :DDDD 
[ Cashew, I liked video by the way ♥ I should emphasize that it is my fireplace that I am going to hide in :P and you very talented in drawing so you need to keep it ]

By the way Theodora shared some pictures of Split while she was outside.. Awesome city :") it was really beautiful that I gave damn my living in the middle of turkey while turkey is a peninsula.

In the evening I had to pay back for my laughter because I know I was extremely happy that something was gonna ruin it.. Family problems, I really hate and I am tired of it. But Theo tried to help to distract, so thank you a lot.

I remembered my childhood as well.. All the good and bad memories.. Life is exhausting enough to make all of us get older.. Even if it is not physical, it exhausts mentally, spiritually as I already feel i am over 40 years  old while I am only 22. I dont know how much older will I feel when my current age becomes 40. But I am sure I will be smiling while reading these if technology doesnt ruin this blog as well..

Probably I will utter this sentence if someday I die: " I am not regret of anything because I had a happy life. My beloved best friends painted my colorless life. "

Night Night ♥