Monday, March 11

Always Hanging In The Air

Terrible headache took over me, probably I will need to see a doctor again or I shouldnt have drunk that much last night but I am not regret hehehe. Neverrrrr !!!
I ate fruits as I do everyday.. So I am getting sleepy.. But I wont sleep as I need to finish this 4 pages to solve.. Maths, I really hate but well there is maths in everything so.. But maths, please treat me kind okay?
FIY: I am tired of waiting. Never mind i dont really care then..
Night Night

I've The Time Of MY Life

I had to change this entry because while I was slightly drunk and a bit high, I am very
ridiculous, especially the things I saved over here were damn improper but I dont really want to mention so i just rewrite the stuff.
I like my cousin's friends hahaha.. Guys you are damn crazy like usual. The best damn thing was watching the stars, yeah some of them were on the grass and some of us were on his car :D some weed some beer some wine and some vodka.. I didnt mix all of them but beer and weed were enough to feel stars were damn funny.. Bliss and peace.. I overthought on my life for once without worrying.. But I need to do some stuff that require long time.. It will be great when I am done at all.. Patience just patience...

Finally Found You

Dressed up in the middle of the night, my cousin is gonna take me soon.. Well done bro as it is very unexpected ^^ and I feel that it is gonna be a good damn night..
Night Night ♥

You Said: It Is Easy To Forget

Unutmak kolay demiştin
Alışırsın demiştin
Öyleyse sen unut beni

Gözlerimde yaş
Kalbimde sızı
Unutmadım seni
Unutamadım, unutamadım
Ne olur anla beni