Saturday, October 13

Spit out mode on

I was just rolling in my bed early in the morning with the thoughts in my head which worry me.. These days I am in between things as I cant decide.. But I try to keep my motivation, telling jokes around, chatting with my friends, kidding with mom ... But there is something missing that I cant find.
Maybe people just make me feel in this way because I sometimes think that is this the same person whom I care too much as s/he turns out to be an asshole to pull my leg.Dont loan your mistakes on me as I am not a stupid carriage whenever you need.Probably I am disappointed and exhausted to tolerate my own friends.
People are ungrateful
People are dishonest
People are selfish
People avoid of saying;
"I am sorry" when they hurt
"thank you" when something they receive
"hello" if they are not said first
"bye bye" before they leave
"I was wrong" when they are wrong
"please" when they request something
And people dont know how to appreciate.
You receive but what you give?

Lisbeth, you really dont know how much you are super cool when you dgaf...

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