Monday, December 3

New Year Resolution

Knock Knock early in the morning while I was doing the dishes in the kitchen. I heard the footsteps of two old ladies coming in. I was in my jammies so mom just welcomed them in livingroom. This is the first time of my life and I can know that it will never stop again. First of all I just didnt understand what was going on. Naive me. But something told me not to step in livingroom. I was all ear to understand what they are talking about. Then the door of  the kitchen just opened and mom came in by staring at me. I directly looked at her face with questioning eyes. One of the women was my downstair neighbour and the other one was competely stranger as you can guess.
Mom: " B. dress in quickly and welcome them and kiss their hands."
Of course I understood that it was for Arranged Marriage!!! it was enough to freak me out at all.. I really hate my own country's traditions and culture..  Who asked my opinion about it? What if I already love someone or what if I am never gonna marry someone?

I argued with mom in the kitchen that I wont welcome them because I dont think about marriage stuff yet.. But she blamed me as usual saying that if i dont welcome them then it will be bad reputition for the following ones.. Oh my god, how ridiculous !! Why do mother push their children to marry that quick in Turkey, there are millions of males on earth. As if male population is on extinction like Pandas.

So she said "okay shit happens" and I responded her that "yeah shit happens if you act like shit"..

I have some reasons not to marry soon.. I wish she could understand that..Mom's manners are forcing me to leave home again by time. So I made a new year resolution.. from 1st January to 31st December in 2013 I will try to move far away from home. It is getting harder and I try very hard to control myself..

I just feel I am caged and my freedom is just taken away. Maybe I am keen in my freedom too much comparing with Turkish society..

Anyway, I really hope that my resolution comes to real as soon as possible..