Friday, April 12

Ego Mihimet Sum Semper Proximus

I dont want to know anyone well enough to recognize that they lie.

I am suffering because of massive headache right now but I dont really care as it doesnt give me much pain as much as people give. 

Such a good moral for me: never ever be the first one to ask a guy if he would like to date unless he asks you at all.. Well it didnt break my courage but just I wont put myself in a position of a fool next time. I am not angry, just refusals also become good experiences.. Anyway.

Ofc not like that :D

There are many things to tell indeed but few words arent enough to express what exactly this shit is.. Maybe you read my mind and agree with me.

Actually I feel damn fool but yeah this time I am the one guilty. Because I attract all of the crazy people like a magnet. I have such almighty friends lmfao. They are unique in the category of stabbing me in the back. Competition is a good thing but competing each other to give me harm? Naaa kids, it is not good. I cannot wait for the one who is gonna be the next.

These days I am thinking about dyeing my hair :) some fair strings or auburn? I dont know. All I know is that I dont look as old as I am so I need to do something about it. Because I am tired of some people's think that I am around 17s. Gosh..

Life is fucking but anyway..

5 words
Fuck, fucked, fucking, fucken, fuckers
Yeah that is me.