Wednesday, June 6

The Fruit Of The Day

Square Watermelons
A round watermelon can take up a lot of room in a refrigerator and the usually round fruit often sits awkwardly on refrigerator shelves.Smart Japanese Farmers have forced their watermelons to grow into a square shape by inserting the melons into square, tempered glass cases while the fruit is still growing on the vine.

LOL.. Round, Square or Triangle.... what is the difference?? Don't we eat them all in the end?? So why bothering guys as nobody complains for not having any place for the round watermelons in refrigerator indeed.. '' Smart Japanese Farmers '' huhhhh?? .. If they were smart ass enough then they would work their grey matter for something more useful, for example growing them more tasty instead of dealing with the shape :D All I see is just waste of time !!

How do you expect me to slice square watermelon into triangle shape like this one above.. Let me grab my ruler and measurement so that I could count the exact angle to slice.. I will stab the heart of the watermelon..
I know it s so cruel but yummmyyyyyyyy !!!

Awwww so lovely... Such a cute shaped fruit would make great sense !!! but who has the talent to make me one then?? Who knows !!!

And here my watermelon is. Safe and sound locked in my refrigerator !!! hehehe... Wear your armor, take your shield and hold on tight dude !! Because .............   I am coming !!!!!!!!!!! :PPPP

Freaky Morning

Early in the morning around 7am I was woken up by mom saying that 'we are heading for the garden home' (which is a disaster for me cuz what a person would do in countryside, isn't it so boring?? ) ... Unconsciously I showed up my middle finger which made me burst into laughter after all when I recognised :D and mom was like that '' is it the thing you have learnt at school? '' ahahah I think it will take much time for mom to get accustomed to me !!

Here is the top 10 mission of the day !!

1. Have a nice breakfast
2. Go shopping
3. Tidy up the room
4. Take a shower
5. Do my hair
6. Keep writing the letter to Cashew
7. Make my puzzle
8. Surfing online 
9. Gonna wait for chocolate cake to be offered 
10. Hug my teddy bear Georgie and sleep !!!

                                        Actually I don't like strawberry but it feels good !!!

                                                      Exactly my situation after shopping !!

                                                        At least I don't wake up at 1pm :D

                           Thank you Yuko so that my hair at least is not as much curly as before !!!


Letter to Cashew.. Hope she likes it !!

Educa or Ravensburger !!!

                               I don't remember what was the sooooo interesting on the screen !!!

                     Chocolate cake mmmm, I love it.. I think I get why my friend eats with spoon :P !!

                                                Georgie, the welcoming teddy bear :D

                                                              And  sleeping  time


Two precious girls in my life..''My girls''. As they were always with me more than 6 years and I know that they will keep being with me somehow... Classmates at highschool !! Neighbours at dorm at university...
And my first sentence at their school will echo all the time ''Merhaba kızlar ben Beyza, TED kolejinden geldim, tanışabilir miyiz!! (hey girls, I am Beyza, came from TED college, can we meet??)''
That is the exact sentence which made them think I am a spoilt snob :DDD I am really grateful and glad that we met !!!
                                                                                                                              ''To be continued''
                                              Here is my room, approximately 6 years ago

Actually it s the same home I was born in 22 years ago.. but I lived in there till my 11s and then moved another house and then moved back to the same house at my I am 22...All I love is my bookshelf!

My only pet Terek

                                 You can never know how much I felt terribly upset when he died :'(