Friday, November 2

3/20 Flags Of The World


Here is another country in the world that I would like to travel.. Actually I was not interested in Spain when I was 17 until I met my ex. He could speak Spanish. My Spaniards love came about after meeting a friend online.. She is a hip hop dancer and she is really cute/warm person..

places to go
Keywords: Bullfight, dark haired sexy girls, football, matador, Cathrine of Aragon, tomato festival, hot guys, matadors, Enrique Iglesias so on..

I think this picture summarizes Spain


Brotherhood and sisterhood.. Adios Spain ^^
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One Direction?? -_-

That is what makes you guys beautiful :DDDDD

I dont really get why 1D is overrated. Am I the only one who dislike these awkward guys? Even few of my friends follow them like crazies and it drives me crazy..

-- Justin Beiber
-- Selena Gomez
-- Robert Pattinson
-- Hakuna Matata
-- Taylor Lautner
-- Swag
-- Yolo
-- Chris Brown
-- Michel Telo
-- Twilight
-- Hangover I-II
-- One Direction
-- Nicki Minaj
-- Lady Gaga
-- Flo Rida
-- Far East Movement
-- Psy - Gangnam Style
-- Yamyam Style-Atilla Taş (idiot)
-- Titanic
-- Natalie Portman
-- New York
-- Capture before Eifel tower
-- Kpop
-- Taylor Swift
-- Hilary Duff
-- Azis
-- Saw I-II-III-IV .. ~
-- Pot / high
-- Angry Birds
-- Lost
-- Tarkan
-- Hadise
-- Murat Boz
-- Simon Cowell
-- Pitbull
-- Jennifer Lopez
-- Ricky Martin
-- Iphone
-- Lindsay Lohan
-- Paris Hilton
-- Angelina Jolie
-- Leonardo Dicaprio

Enough for today maybe :)))