Sunday, January 6

The Waves

Actually I had to change the content of this entry from top to bottom because of the breaking news.. I am just tired of this scandal family at all and they drown me in dark deep ocean because they would never understand me, my ideas are always nonsense to them and their ideas are always primitive for me.
My sisters, mom, relatives, kinsmen.. All of them, really all of them.
Like the scholasticism in medieval period and stupid superstitions..
My God I am dying at all as I have been applied sympathetic magic for thousand years.

I need to split up from Vatican* and set up my own Chuch of England.*
You know what I mean but how could I do that without excommunication?*
That's all I have been thinking of..
They force me to practise their own religion*
I am Martin Luther* to my family and they try to set fire on my belief because they are really blinded by their own worshipping way*
As I am tired of their selling the land pieces of Heaven.*
But you know even Henry VIII covert his citizen to protestant, he was a catholic by himself.
So I could be Henry VIII as well.
All I need is mustache and crown then so let me find them from somewhere else

And my sister.
I dont know if I am being a bit cruel but but but "what goes around, comes back around" so maybe you deserve what you face with right now. Anyway I dont want to talk about it.

Vatican: My family
Church of England: My own freedom
Excommunication: Being disowned
Religion: Lifestyle, tradition, culture, ideas
Worshippig way: Superstitions, their own ideas
Selling  the land pieces of Heaven: Forcing me their ideas so as to have good deeds