Wednesday, March 13

Good Girls Gone Bad

As my usual each night ritual I am eating orange by the left side of your altar. I am fairly grinning because I know that I have the senses to guess what do you want lol. Because you are naive enough to imply it somehow, I can imagine your twisted face,
I can imagine how your fingers work while you are texting me. You know how to keep me for yourself but this time LoL, yeah this time I am far more smart and cautious than you could ever imagine/think whatever. I just
count my each step ^^ Each step..
"Kaçan kovalanır" [The one who escapes is chased] ♥ Be aware ;)

Ohh yeah
It is like we are playing chess. So I will beat you at your own game. As I am not the same girl you met. Time, time, time... Years will pass and from your ears you will never be able to erase my name.
I am comiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggggg !!! LOL
Night Night