Tuesday, November 13


Here I just took my cup of tea and began to write my opinions while I am inspired.. Actually there are millions of thoughts on my mind but I try to catch one by one to launch a good topic.. I will try to be objective even though I am a woman by myself..

I am sure that whole through the life, love touches each of us at least for once and we never know what is gonna happen next unless we experience it..It is like a demo. Sometimes love takes so much time because you give your years and sometimes it ends in a week with failure, disappointment and broken dreams...
Many reasons and much mistake bring the inevitable end..

First of all we always seek for the unreachable or hard ones by pushing the ones who are by our side.. Either we are blind or that makes love more precious and sweet. I dunno, maybe we love suffering ourself.

Sometimes you meet your friends and find yourself in a conversation such like this: "Ohh man, I dont care that pathetic girl as she was always bitch that I couldnt recognize, Anyway there are many girls who want to date me.They love me, they die for me, they want me because I am sexy." Well your friend either looks at you with a mouth wide open and tries to warn or agrees your decision to console you.[Pathetic and bitch?? How long has she been bitch and wasnt that YOU who once begged her to date from the beginning, who tried hard to impress her so that you are not rejected?] You think you have many options as if surrounded by girls and boys and friends and blablabla..

And ...
it even changes your walking style on the streets..

Too much confidence baby, too much.. Please dont lose yourself too much to forget who you really are!!

Sometimes you hit a bastard cheater..

S/he is always busy to flirt with others and they demand you to make up, do your hair, wear sexy lingeries but they never care or they never see even if

you do your hair or wear such a make up that might blind the sun... Apart from your buddies, even random strangers will recognize the change ealier than your lover!
You wanna kill that person to give your love a bad name or [sana boynuz taktığı için] give you cheated horns

Killing, blackmailing, threatening are not the solutions as that person already turned a blind eye to the consequences s/he might face with..

Solitude...Depression.. Stress... [no need] Dont ignore your friends because of that as they will be with you somehow, even the most stupid one :)

I know that there will always be something to remind you of the things you had when you were with your lover..But dont feel jealous of such relationships..

Or dont lock yourself into your bedroom and watch love series by weeping..

As you know that either they will break up too because of many reasons or you will meet someone better to accompany you to ease your pain.

Dont bolt down whatever you find at home as well... [chocolate,crisps,chocolate,chocolate,cakes,chocolate,cakes,cookies,chocolate, O_O]

Dont press your feelings..If you are sad then tell people you are sad at all..

And there are some crack relationships

that consist of imitation series.Live it as you are instead of trying to imitate what you see all around..

There is no love that lasts forever but for sure there is an eternal limitless love

But with the different people at a different time which we never expect...