Monday, November 5

Hey dude, Lets Whatsapp ?

I would never think that someday an application will make me laugh so hard with its smileys.. Or dont know, we are the weird ones maybe?? We just played an emotie game xD

This explains everything :D

The Diary of A Diet


Session I
08:10 - Angela
My name is Angela,
As I comment here to share my happiness with all of the victims of extreme weight.
I have been on a diet for almost 10 minutes and my weight isnt still reduced..

08:16 - Angela
My name is Angela,
As I comment here again to share about my diet process.. I just drank a cup of water and I dont feel like hungry..

08:17 - McCarthy
Hello, I am from Scotland.
I tried this diet and it is really fucking ultra awesome as I lost 7kg in a week and go on girls we will burn all the fat.

08:20 - Angela
My name is Angela,
I just leave a comment here to say that my weight isnt still reduced as I am still 90kg by the way I am 22 and I am 150cm tall.

08:25 - Anonymous
Hello Angela,
I am Paul and a dietician, +327-836-82-03 if you really want to lose weight very quickly then call me.

8:30 - Angela
Hi my name is Angela,
I comment here one more time because almost half an hour passed over my taking up a diet and I still weight 90kg. Is it something wrong with me?

08:32 - Man in Black
Hello guys, this diet is fucking shit at all as i was 70kg early before I took it and now I weight 79kg.

8:39 - Angela
Hi, this is Angela again,
I went to pee and now I weight 89,9kg.

8:40 - Pirates of cunt
Hi Angela,
How much do you boobs weight?

8:41 - Angela
Hi my name is Angela, my eyes are blue and I still weight 89,9kg. What should I do to reduce my weight 60? I am single and home alone.

8:42 - Mary
Hi, I am 12 and I read the comments. I weight 68kg, how does this swaggg diet work? Should I go on a diet? Am I too fat?

8:43 - Doomsday
Hi, I am 90 years old lady from Denmark. Does this diet take the risk of killing a person? I just wondered.

8:50 - Anonymous
I need a great orgasm, hot thin girls please call. +327-836-82-03 Dietician Paul.

8:51 - Waiting for godot
Hello, this diet is like waiting for Godot as I dont lose weight although I try hard, and advice?

08:51 - Mortal Combat
Angela, you are very hot.

8:53 - Angela
Hi my name is Angela,
Pirates of cunt my ass weights 40kg and boobs each of then 20kg. I drank a cup of water again and now I am 90,2 kg.
17:13 - Anonymous
Angela, this is your one hundred and seventy fifth comment and nobody cares your fucking ass calories so shut up and suck my dick... Dietician Paul.

[Not based on a story, I just made it up]
Well either true or not, there are always such crazy and pervert people to show up everywhere.. I am inspired because I am on a diet..

Today I just checked how much am I supposed to weight... Here you see the phases

Yeah I am on my knees and crawling all on the floors by asking for the food :D sometimes I sit and beg as well :DDDD Probably after 103days I will still be crawling on the streets and beg for some food :DDDD

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