Friday, June 14

The True Love Remains

" To begin a love letter we dont know what to write and when we reach for the closure we would never wish to end. "

Such a new love story showed up itself with a little bit of hush as if a poor leaf falling from a rootless three.. 
Everyone knows how it goes, yeah we all know because the person who claims that s/he has never been inlove is only telling the greatest lie of his/her life. As there will be no such a person who will leave the earth early before having love experience. I really dont know but in this case I remind my best friend's nice quotation "Nobody in the world will die early before they taste each kind of feelings". For me it is well said, feelings are for we humans. Therefore love is one of them and is everywhere on this earth, even in the hands of evil.
Love of nature, love of parents, love of animals, love of God and love of someone who do we assume special to us and so on. Here my aim is to share this entry with all of my blog readers.

And of course there are some symptoms of love like feeling; [it differs person to person]
throwing up
butterflies in tummy

I have no idea about what might be yours but those are the some of them that I mostly hear from people.

The matter is not who we are inlove with but the importance is that do we have the capacity and tolerance to accept the other person with his/her lifetime personality and mistakes?. Basically most of us move with the eyes of our heart that might be blind, If so,

Are you ready for the best temporary blindness?
They say love is blind. In a way it is true up to some point until someone has that urgent surgery to open his/her eyes to the actual world. I know it feels like falling off a horse while you are having the prettiest dream of your life. Besides we need to add this mixture "people might change their minds by time" compound.
Let me share with you a kind of ridiculous experience about it then: There was this guy at my primary school who fell inlove with me and we were only 12 years old. The weird thing is that he never told me he is inlove until a day he found my trace on facebook after 10 years. He remembers my childhood more than I do so it might be the clue that his eyes were on me. He asked to date for the first time by being persistent that I am the girl who has loved whole those years. He was very promising and maybe he was extremely confident. Actually it made me a bit laugh, because he had no idea who I turned out to be within 10 year.. You know nobody is the same person even a day ago, those are the experiences that contribute our character to change. So we had few serious talk that I told him "I am no more religious".. I can imagine what I broke inside of him.. But is it my fault? I just wanted to avoid of telling lies about my character instead of acting out. He suddenly changed his mind due to my not being a strict religious hehe. Please dont take it as an offense, we need to be free in everything what we believe but everyone deserves some respect. So he wished me a good luck and left. And what happened to the long lasting love he could ever promise? Who knows maybe sank into the dept of ocean..

Devoted to someone special.
It feels like rise and fall, sometimes the matter of love becomes the saddest knot in one's throat. There are many reasons; but the most striking one is "we always fall for the people who we think that we can never ever reach" That is why it hurts the most. Circumstances might not allow, so the lovers are forced to fall apart.
How happy for the ones who keep being together in one complete heart. And the question is;
Does love really end?
Maybe not, only some other kind of feelings dominate on love, for example anger, jealousy, hatred.. But it never ends. When it is knitted on one's heart for once, it could never be ripped out, it remains with the best or worst memories.

Sound Of Fear

I wonder what I am gonna face with more.. Sometimes people are scaring me top to bottom that I try to keep away. But when it comes to the person who I definately and wholly adore how would I do that? I am piece to piece because I dropped my guard.. Insecurities and conflictions.. Besides the flashbacks make it worse.. Maybe I am going crazy, maybe I am dreaming. I am scared and confused so I think my mind belie me. So what exactly are you? Show me now or just leave  like others do.

Why does it have to be so hard?
This heart is like a battlefield. 

Paradise Regained

''To my eternal breath,
I take you in whenever I breathe
You are my immortality,
I love you like the tired tides struggle to reach for the sand, I love you like the noisy winds that go through the flowers to spread out their freshness and I need you like the butterflies need their wings to fly.
You are my thirst that I could never handle with, you are the blossom of a unique Eden tree.. You are the most precious gift from God to me.. And loving you is heavenly. Whenever my darkest melancholy surrounds me I just watch the stars, because you are up over the sky like my northern star. 
Give me a place in your little world and lets intermingle for the sake of love like the rivers intermingle to the oceans. 
You are my treasure, hard to gain and easy to lose.. But I will never lose. I will lock you in my heart and wont let you go forever and ever.. 
So I will love you not for today, not for tomorrow.. You will be with soul even in the afterlife..''

One another story began like this..I am sorry that I havent been able to type.. But many things
Anyway I am sleepy as I didnt sleep for a day..
P.S this was only summary..

I fell inlove
I wish Kat was working now, Because I am supposed to copy paste some blog entries to have them here.. It was all about love ofc..