Tuesday, March 26

My Heart Is Refusing Me

Hello guys.. 
One of the songs I used to like.
Omg I think I fell inlove at first sight 
even though I am not still sure but lololol
I sensed the butterflies in my tummy.
But but but it can also be temporary
feeling at all.. Omg I always pick
some inpossible type of people
why? why does it have to
be such like that shit
ha??  But he made me feel 
like singing "I have been waiting 
for someone like you" heheh
but for sure tomorrow I will feel fine 
and get over that kind of feeling.
I dont worry that much haha
Anyway. I had such a great
day as well.. I was with
one of my friend
whole day.
He is very sweet 
and a very kind friend
Ohh he is more than gentleman
We also studied English in a way
He needed someone to check his essays 
so he brought them with him lolol.
But it was really pleasure of me
I should go now. Bye bye.
Hugs and kisses.