Monday, September 3

Why Does It Have To Be So Hard?

Feel me in your heart
It's another way to apart
From the cruel love
Just a sweet move
I know it's so hard
Leaving everything behind

But if you intend to stay
Then keep your tears away
Put your soul in a cage
Never expect for change
As there's no other option
To flee away for salvation

Or free your heart from pain
Don't return to him again
Forget the sweet memories
Burn all the written stories
It will be hellish tough
But you will be strong enough.

So I'm Back, Maybe

Ohh my god, it has been ages that i couldnt access my blog. I still dont have a laptop but soon I will have whenever i decide. From here all i can do is to give damn to my HP as it left me half on the way... I miss many things and it is really hard to write on my blog with an iphone though.. But for sure i will come back like a storm and tremble you guys but i need to leave now. Things should settle down first.. Kisses <3