Monday, October 1

Friends Like This, That Is The Way It's

I just needed to write those down so as to remember and smile few years later... I dont have many guy friends but I have enough of them with whom I can laugh or share.. John, Nazım, Gökhan ... Top 3 :)

I would like to talk about John..
He was my chinese friend's boyfriend and he is from USA.. I have known him since I was 15 so we have been friends for 7years. It is really funny that we still discuss "when you were 15 you were like blablabla" topic :D Yeah we changed great deal and so did the things, I was best friend of his girlfriend and she introduced us [ there are many things that I cant tell... ] he broke up with his girlfriend... :( such a sad story.. Anyway

Well in the morning he just made me laugh... He loves teasing me all the time but this time I was the one who is teasing him :D

People should have such friends who dont  get offended easily..

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