Tuesday, December 25


Such an important day for the christian world, today is christmas :) So Santa fanta lets jingle bells, jingle jingle !! 
Well actually Turkey is a kind of weird country that we never celebrate xmas. I just wonder if there are some Turkish people who celebrate 25th December as Christmas. Because I live where the muslims are the majority.

Actually it wasnt a pretty day for me as I had some evil news about a friend whom I have been making friends for 4 years during my university time. That is life and people really dont know the values of what they currently have until they lose them. And then they try to take it back. But you know Paradise is Lost already.

Today was my 23rd official birthday :) But well not so many people knows except 4 people. I dont mind as I dont like birthday stuff.

I felt upset a bit as I missed my best friend. She is not around for few days and she wont be for a week I guess. And maybe Cashew made me a little bit sad as well..Hope that things get well all around as soon as possible.

I wanna make people happier, that is what my first aim is in this life. Because I know myself and I cant help this.

Who knows maybe I am the master of the puppets.