Friday, January 11

You And Me Bubbling

Tell me it is not a nightmare again..
Ohh my nose began to bleed early in the morning. It's a new kind of sign because my nose never bled for years maybe 12 years in my life :D ohh it is made of steel [this just reminds me of Cashew's video - I NEVER GET SICK, NEVERRRRR NEVEERRR, IT IS NOT NORMAL] hahah. And I was at my cousin's  until the afternoon we had breakfast. Oh that girl makes me crazy. Anyway I am glad that I came back to home.. 
By the way 
I had my record singing in Finnish. I guess I really fucked the song by myself :DDD because some parts are really hard for me.

Never mind ;) 

Cashew also shared the video of her "survival in bare cold Finland while going school" ... I never get sick, neverrr nevverrr *coughs* :DDD ohh you are killing me here. 

Well I just spent rest of my day at home by trying to find my bookmarkers.. Fuckkk yeah I am already late. Then shower shower shower .. I cant even find peace in shower. I cut my ankle and it made me feel like passing out. I am sick of this blood phobia at all.. I also had voice chat with Theo.. She was sad, we share the same problem somehow. GIRL it will be fine at all.. 
Ohhhh insomnia but I need to sleep now.