Friday, March 22

The Color, Black

Actually I feel depressed because I am thinking over my life so bad.. The reason of this bad mood is one of my friend. Omg she is going to marry in june.

My all friends are getting married.. 
It gives me some pressure because I dont even have someone on my mind.. Yeah many suitors but I cant fall inlove or something.. Maybe I am terribly hurt.

I pick all the assholes...
Whenever I try to like someone I recognize he is an another jerk. Cmooonn there are billions of men one this earth and isnt there any true one for me? But even if I found I would not be able to date either.

I have trust issues...
I am really sorry but I cant stop it.. Maybe it will make me the hardest girlfriend ever until he makes me convinced enough to trust him completely.

I think I love someone...
But I dont dare to tell that person at all because I will be refused, I know.. It hurts me everyday to keep inside but I dont wamna feel regret after my confession. is better to keep inside. Anyway..