Monday, April 22


It was such a fucking crazy day and I enjoyed a lot.. Early in the morning I just drove to my vineyard.. Far from the madding crowd you know ;) Silence and peace and of course nature but well yeah it didnt take so long to be in peace because my sister and kids came. But never mind them. I planted some flowers and we had some kind of family breakfast ^_^ briefly it was great.. Hell I put on weight again so I need to do something.. Yeah it is because of stress definately, because I eat whatever fuck I find :DDD I will go on a strict diet obviously. In the afternoon I had to go my bro in law's office as I had some stuff to do. There is this job on my mind but hope that I am qualified enough to get it because I need it so much to save my life. Eventually I wont need to take this stupid exam if I could get that job.. Whuuu.. Wish me luck..By the way I like my bro in law's new office lol as I really enjoy there and I love the atmosphere..
You will get why I like there when I am able to add the picture soon..

And all of these.. My bro in law gave me a lift back to vineyard.My eldest sister also came. So my niece Ebrar was here too.. She is the cutest pain in the neck lmfao.. I love her so much.. That kid makes me back to life and laugh with her little heart at all..

And of course it rained. Unavoidable weather but what it causes is beautiful :) Yea it has been for a long time that I havent seen rainbow all around.
Anyway.. Now need to go..