Thursday, November 15

No Mercy, No Cry

I wanna begin this entry with the question of 

" Why the most stupid, idiot, asshole people are living on this earth although we have such a huge solar system for them ?? " Why not on Pluto but here??
- Ohh damn it.. 
Sometimes I really feel inside that I would give my everything willingly just to puch some people's nose and see them squirting blood like hell.. 
It reminded me of my classmate how he punched the teacher and broke his nose when we were only 14. Anyway.

Seriously, I could spend one more day  out of my rest of the life neither killing myself nor having a nervous breakdown again. Thanks to my wife.. I am really grateful to her as she is the most patient and understanding friend I could ever have.. 

"Life is hard, life is always cruel,
 Life is merciless enemy of my joy,
 As if there aint no other in the world
 Life assumes that I am its best toy."

Well just this poor stanza poured out of my inspired mouth. I am not a poet, I can never be but I wish I could  be a male poet and live in 16th century. Probably I would fall inlove with an ungrateful mistress and die because of suffering with her love torments or executed because of adultery but I would be a happy corpse.

I was thinking I could beat it this time by ignoring and laughing but life is nothing but the sorrow..

-Knock Knock. -Who is it? -I am Bad Mood.

Sometimes there are some unnecessary word salads that might already contain the main idea already. But the only thing is to wait patiently for people to comprehend. Acquisition joints.
Such a crazy morning and I feel terrible again. I wonder when this feeling will leave me forever. Go, go, go and please never come back. Because I dislike you.

Subject is always the same "she" and it is never replaced with any other subjects.. Why not it is "they" or "we" ?? 

I think there are some points when we are less enduring, I feel as if I am like this bulb above..  
I am just shattered and I dont know where my pieces are.. So if you know where it is just take it back to me as one piece is even better than none..

I need to gather them..

The Language Of The Flowers

Mulperipuu :3

When I was a little kid I used to think that mulberry grows up only in our garden. Because I never saw around . But actually it is really nice to come across the traces of mulberry in other countries too... I am still confused with the berries except strawberry..
Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and so on ...What the hell :D I have to admit that I had to check out for mulberry if it is the same fruit I mean in turkish or not ... 

I have found these flowers so cute, I don't like blue though.. I just think that blue colored flowers bring bad luck somehow.. Especially blue roses as they are not that easy to find around in florists and sometimes I doubt that if they paint some white roses to blue to sell much more than usual ? An easy way to make fool of some newly couples.. In Turkey, I think that blue roses mean ''divine love'' or ''uniqueness''.. But who cares about it these days?? People just don't know how to appreciate when it is really necessary as a result it is one of the most important problem of the today's society... 

How tiny they were and their color is attention taking among those other weeds as if something blue dropped on the floor.. But it is so bad that I don't know that flower's name.. I don't know..Maybe it doesn't have a specific name.. Maybe I should call my friend who is studying Biology so maybe she can help.. 

And some roses planted among green onions... But they are about to die I guess because of  the weather.. My brother in law was just joking with my mom by saying that ' if you plant them among onions of course they will die because of their smell '.. He got the point but mom still thinks that it is the best way to grow up roses among onions, I still don't know the reason though... 

After taking the picture of roses above, I couldn't skip this flower.. I don't like pink things but they look good somehow. Maybe the color between pink and white is cool.. They are  pretty because they seem so puffy lol.. But be careful about the thorns.. It hurts much... 

Here is an another proof that mom is not a gardener but flower murderer :D I think it is the only rose left out of eight. I remember that when I was a little kid we used to have colorful roses planted in our garden home and everyday I would cut few of them also with lilac and put them into a vase. They used to smell awesome... Old days !!!

This is zucchinni blossom.. Such an hard dude... Early in the morning, the flower blossoms and in the evening it closes down the leaves.. Actually we cook that flower by putting flavoured rice in it.. I eat almost everything which includes rice.. Even rice itself. I know that in the future, eating too much rice may cause high blood sugar.
Diabet briefly.. But it tastes really cool with some black pepper ' achewwww '. LOL   

I had to get up earlier than usual not to miss my chance.. You can even feel soil smell and some insects are wandering around early in the morning which is more than ewww..And of course bees were like dancing on the flowers and eating some ambrosia while trying to get the best honey nectar.. That was an ''mythological metaphor'' of course.. You know that each god and goddess has a specific flower which is identified with them, so why not bees?

I wish I could be a 'phoenix' and reborn from my ashes once more... I wish I could fly over the sky, over the countries to see all over the world.. I would descend on the window of my beloved... I know that you are watching 'Supernatural'...

These flowers were somehow weird as they seemed pentagon starlike.. But they are cute even though they don't smell nor have any specific features.. 

I am really sorry that I took these pictures last summer and forgot to complete and publish this entry. A poppy leaf. Hehe this just reminded me of my childhood. We used to stick them under our chin and act like we are cocks: "üüü üüüü üüü" 

Daisy: I like them.. We used to collect them all and then make a circlet... We knew how to make each other happier I guess. The purest choldhood.. I wish we could live in pur own childhood dreams because the world was very simple and wonderful.

It was a time of sunset and this is one of my mom's flowers. I think she is too patient to raise them but I dont think I could wait such a long time..  

These tiny blue flowers took my attention among the dasies as well. Maybe Nature is not indifferent to humankind. There is always beauty in the flowers that we are given as gifts.

Yellow dasies. Actually I never liked them in my life as they look awkward. I used to collect and then throw away hehehe..

Maybe you guys will understand  the reason why do I like green a lot.. Green is the color of nature, peace and trust.

In my opinion these flowers were  pretty awesome even though I dont really like yellow color in flowers. Because yellow color always reminds me of something upset. 

In Turkey, yellow flowers represent farewell.. In ancient tradional times mostly guys  used to give their lovers yellow flowers when they are determined to break up with them. It sounds me a bit ridiculous but you know that I cant deny the facts.

Here is an apricot tree. I used to climb up and swing. One of my favourite summer season fruits is apricot.

Unripe grapes. They were very cute and I really like this green in everything.. Who knows maybe I am an alien. By the way this grapes were black...

Almond and almond seeds. Oh my God, such a heavenly taste in the world. Dunno, I really love this taste so much. But you need to spend some time to crack and clean the seeds..

Strawberries.. I think it is one of my favourite fruit among red fruits.  Well it is a great mixture with chocolate or cream but high energy and calories of course :(((

I think I dont hate any fruit as much as I hate quince. Although I like its shape its taste is awful maybe.. That weird sour taste is killing me even though I like sour. Uhhh.. 

Another simple flower. I dont really know why does mom still raise it :D because it has nothing special except reddish blossom.. Anyways..

Honey bee :)) It made me run behind for few minutes because it never landed on somewhere.. 

Pepper.. Even if I thought almost hundred years I would never know pepper contains vitamin C.. It is very awkward indeed... Besides I dont like eating pepper.

Here are some more flowers that dont have any special features but they are doing the best job ever... Photosynthesis ^&^ so dont we need oxygen in order to survive?? 

I guess it is the smallest grapes leaf :) it was very cute...

Cherries.. But they are sweet cherries, of course we have sour cherries too but I like sweet cherries more than sour ones..

White mulberry tree :)) Yummyyy. It was time to enjoy it but wheew summer is already over long time ago.. I am not that much sad though. Because as a season, I like winter more than summer... Maybe I am the girl of cold weathers...

Here the nature is.. I know it is simple but everything is in order, everything is for humans... That is the beauty of the nature.. Even if we dont have to give anything we receive a lot from it for our benefits..