Thursday, November 15

No Mercy, No Cry

I wanna begin this entry with the question of 

" Why the most stupid, idiot, asshole people are living on this earth although we have such a huge solar system for them ?? " Why not on Pluto but here??
- Ohh damn it.. 
Sometimes I really feel inside that I would give my everything willingly just to puch some people's nose and see them squirting blood like hell.. 
It reminded me of my classmate how he punched the teacher and broke his nose when we were only 14. Anyway.

Seriously, I could spend one more day  out of my rest of the life neither killing myself nor having a nervous breakdown again. Thanks to my wife.. I am really grateful to her as she is the most patient and understanding friend I could ever have.. 

"Life is hard, life is always cruel,
 Life is merciless enemy of my joy,
 As if there aint no other in the world
 Life assumes that I am its best toy."

Well just this poor stanza poured out of my inspired mouth. I am not a poet, I can never be but I wish I could  be a male poet and live in 16th century. Probably I would fall inlove with an ungrateful mistress and die because of suffering with her love torments or executed because of adultery but I would be a happy corpse.

I was thinking I could beat it this time by ignoring and laughing but life is nothing but the sorrow..

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