Friday, September 14

Taurus - May 7

(by the way this is my necklace)

Stone: Emerald
Planet: Venus
Element: Soil ( steady, feminine, receiver, protective )
The most obvious feature: Strength
The most wanted ambition: Fame
The most deadly mistake: Obsinate

Venus is the closest planet to earth and it represents love and justice. Harmony, value, charm, attractiveness, appreciation, interaction, friendship, beauty, music, fine arts are under the control of Venus.
Venus is the symbol of feminine in science and arts. Venus gives pleasure to people through sexual life and Venus is the source of inspiration of beauty and fine arts.
Venus people are generous and liked by the opposite genders and they are lovely and affectionate.

Soil element: practical, trustworthy, cautious, emitional, bodily strong.

Steady: determined, when they decide to do something they never give up. They posses whatever they want by taking advance of all the given opportunity.

Feminine: they are patient and enduring. They are creative and practical as well.

Protective: they are interactive and loyal to people whom they love. They like to help therefore they would become a good friend. Taurus people would never leave their friends alone whenever they are having hard times. But they would expect trust and security in everything. They are always warm people.
Taurus people dont get angry so easily but they are like volcanos whenever they get angry. Besides they are obsinate creatures. You could be their friend and you can advice but never ever try to command them as you can get anything from them.

Relations with some star signs:
Taurus and ....
Virgo: great match
Gemini, Cancer, Pisces: good
Leo: very dictator
Libra, Sagittarius: so so
Scorpio: very cunning

OMG !!! The best part <3
Taurus celebrities:
@Salvadore Dali
@Karl Marks
@Sigmund Freud ( lol )
@Asil Nadir
@Nükhet Duru ( turkish singer )
@Süleyman the magnificent ( sultan of the ottoman empire when the empire reached its largest borders )
@Ayhan Işık
@Erol Büyükburç ( singer and actor)
@Öztürk Serengil ( comedian and actor)
@Queen Elizabeth II ( wow )
@Barbra Streisand
@Evita Feron
@Honore de Balzac
@Johannes Brahms
@Gary Cooper
@Henry Fonda
@Jehudi Menu hin ( who the hell he is? )
@Bertrand Russell
@William SHAKESPEARE ^^ <3
@Stevie Wonder
@Adolf Hitler ( O_O )
@Saddam Hussein ( no wonder, as sometimes I wanna be killer but killing bad people )