Wednesday, December 26

Life Strings

As my guitar has 6 strings, so does my life

School life  >>> 15%
Business life  >>> 20% 
Family life >>> 10%
Friendship life >>> 35%
Love life >>> 0%
Private life >>> 20%

Rates are defined according to how much time I spend on them.
If one could balance all of them would s/he be a perfect person? I am just curious at all.

This last week I barely did something remarkable.
Actually I wanted to talk to Cashew man to man :D but well damn i had to take my nephew to basketball match. I had many things on my mind to share with her but I forgot them all and I dont think I could express myself either.
Anyway, maybe she forgave me already and hope that she really feels better than yesterday. I am just scared of making a deadly mistake in order to be kicked out of her life forever. I am worried about it because I owe her still as she has listened to me for a long time. Besides she means a lot to me as a friend.

Psshhhh little silly hedgehog, please dont read these while you are drunk or something  okay? :D

LOL Cashew, this made me giggle at all. Where does that hate word come from all the time? 
Naaa bro, no hate, no fight, I might get angry or mad at you but nothing would make me hate you, NOTHING. All I want is to make you recognise that I care you a lot.

Annndddddddd !!!!

Tip 1- I never pick easy people as my friends.
Tip 2- I dont give up on my friends that quick
Tip 3- Obstacles and hardiness make friends and the relationship between them stronger and teach quite a lot.

So dear Cashew,
 I wont give up on you until you dont want me around seriously.

How happy to have you as my friend.
Welcome to my friendship
Welcome to my heart.

P.S Maybe we will remember this writing few years later and smile :)
Night Night