Friday, November 9

Silent Scream

Well probably my muscles are screaming silently because I am just finished with my exercise.. I am sure I burnt some calories.. Yeah I am losing weight by time and I feel glad cuz I lost more than 2kg within few days..

Well rainy days are back again.. I really love it but I am expecting snow as soon as possible ^^

Many changes..Where have I been last winter and now where am I.. Time time time.. It is the time which takes the ones we love away from us and it also brings new ones back.. Appearantly I am stranger to the old faces also new ones.. Nobody is the same, me neither..

Today some stupid stuff made me laugh inside indeed.. One of them is my ex bf's guy friend's girlfriend. She just typed me on facebook that she has an english exam tomorrow so if I could help? Hööö whole those years she even didnt say me hello ans now asking for help.. How funny that people only get closer to us when they need something for their benefits..I gave her my number so that she calls me around 5pm and now it is 6pm xD [Sighhhhh].. I think I wont pick up the phone when she calls [my hands cover my ears and la la la laaaa la la].. Besides how does she expect me to teach her on the phone? Such a fool but anyway..

Ohhhh forgot to tell, one of my Canadian friend called my name in a video record.. it was so sweet that she pronounced my name like Biiiiizaaaa [LOL]

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4/20 Flags Of The World


One of the countries I would like to travel is china.. Asians are very tiny friendly and warm people..

Places to go:
Keywords: Trade, Silk, Tea, Chinese cakes, Population, The Great Wall, Chinese Calender, Dynasity, Kung Fu, Chopsticks, Kimono, Made in China, Small Eyes, Jet Lee, Short Surnames, Chinese Princess, Budha/ism, Cheap productions, Chinese Food, Noodles, Ping Pong, Yoga, Martial Arts, Paper cuts, Dragon, Traditional Music Instruments ...

The biggest structure that is seen from the space is the great wall and it was built so as to prevent Hun Turks invasions.. [my ancestors]

How beautiful it is during 4 seasons..

Hahaha I liked these ships xD

Culture, art, architecture all influence the countries differently...

Nihao !! Sisterhood ^^
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Such a ... Well I Dunno

Sir William Cecil: Forgive me, Madam, but you are only a woman.
Queen Elizabeth I: I may be a woman, but if I choose I have the heart of a man. I am my father's daughter, I am not afraid of anything.

Everybody knows the most famous quotation of Queen Elizabeth I is " I am married to my country! " Maybe she was the smartest women in the world but I think she has never looked in the mirror while telling this at all..

If your majesty lived in 21st century then she would probably say " I am married to my hair! "

Dunno if they were thinking it is the best style of the time??

From Elizabeth movie.. Ohh yeah we just saw those a lot to visualize Elizabethan Age.

Pale and cold and a very strict monarch...

When we shift back to 21st century hair itself is one of the problems.. Especially for me if I am not sure how to do on that day..
I just tried on 5 different types without using buckles.. Dont know if it is wise to go out like that but it is okay at home even if I look like a piece of shhhh-ttt

No commercials and No BK Productions symbol
WARNING: / +18 / violence / improper language /

ONE -- Natural bed style

In this style, you dont need to do anything special xD No need to comb nor brush xD PHASE: just rub your bang against the pillow while sleeping :P

I dont know why I am looking that suicidal but please do not take the dark circles into consideration that are under my eyes xD Because I was really tired and I couldnt sleep well..

TWO -- Yehaaa Style

PHASE: After untying my hair, little bit combing with water could work. No make up, no foundation as I have nothing to disguise except tiredness.

THREE -- Liberty's gone style

PHASE: It is such a simple ponytail but it has some disadvantages:
a. you look like younger/childish.
b. if you wear eyeglasses you look like a nerd schoolgirl.
c. it really looks so lame most of the time.
d. during a serious fight you have possibility of being thorn your majority of hair as you will be pulled directly by your tail. Such a big risk to be taken.

FOUR -- Run through finger style

Another simple method..PHASE 1: Comb your hair with your fingers. PHASE 2: apply a bit pressure on the top. PHASE 3: use your bang for the front theme xD.

Well I still cant define my hair color.. I am brunette but I have something weird fair color/blonde bang.

FIVE -- Insane style

PHASE: This style requires extremely high energy,technical skills and courage.. if you can stand upside down on your hands you already overcame 90% of the problem but CAUTION: your hair might look like this mess afterwards !!!

I know it is so lame but hair also has the freedom of speech.. So let it talk..

..::^::.. >>> THE END <<< ..::^::..

Queen Elizabeth I
Red cover closet
Hand and fingers
Slanting eyes
Dark eye circles
Brick xD

Simple insanity of doing hair

LOL I know I am really bad at face troll..

Seriously THE END !