Friday, November 9

Such a ... Well I Dunno

Sir William Cecil: Forgive me, Madam, but you are only a woman.
Queen Elizabeth I: I may be a woman, but if I choose I have the heart of a man. I am my father's daughter, I am not afraid of anything.

Everybody knows the most famous quotation of Queen Elizabeth I is " I am married to my country! " Maybe she was the smartest women in the world but I think she has never looked in the mirror while telling this at all..

If your majesty lived in 21st century then she would probably say " I am married to my hair! "

Dunno if they were thinking it is the best style of the time??

From Elizabeth movie.. Ohh yeah we just saw those a lot to visualize Elizabethan Age.

Pale and cold and a very strict monarch...

When we shift back to 21st century hair itself is one of the problems.. Especially for me if I am not sure how to do on that day..
I just tried on 5 different types without using buckles.. Dont know if it is wise to go out like that but it is okay at home even if I look like a piece of shhhh-ttt

No commercials and No BK Productions symbol
WARNING: / +18 / violence / improper language /

ONE -- Natural bed style

In this style, you dont need to do anything special xD No need to comb nor brush xD PHASE: just rub your bang against the pillow while sleeping :P

I dont know why I am looking that suicidal but please do not take the dark circles into consideration that are under my eyes xD Because I was really tired and I couldnt sleep well..

TWO -- Yehaaa Style

PHASE: After untying my hair, little bit combing with water could work. No make up, no foundation as I have nothing to disguise except tiredness.

THREE -- Liberty's gone style

PHASE: It is such a simple ponytail but it has some disadvantages:
a. you look like younger/childish.
b. if you wear eyeglasses you look like a nerd schoolgirl.
c. it really looks so lame most of the time.
d. during a serious fight you have possibility of being thorn your majority of hair as you will be pulled directly by your tail. Such a big risk to be taken.

FOUR -- Run through finger style

Another simple method..PHASE 1: Comb your hair with your fingers. PHASE 2: apply a bit pressure on the top. PHASE 3: use your bang for the front theme xD.

Well I still cant define my hair color.. I am brunette but I have something weird fair color/blonde bang.

FIVE -- Insane style

PHASE: This style requires extremely high energy,technical skills and courage.. if you can stand upside down on your hands you already overcame 90% of the problem but CAUTION: your hair might look like this mess afterwards !!!

I know it is so lame but hair also has the freedom of speech.. So let it talk..

..::^::.. >>> THE END <<< ..::^::..

Queen Elizabeth I
Red cover closet
Hand and fingers
Slanting eyes
Dark eye circles
Brick xD

Simple insanity of doing hair

LOL I know I am really bad at face troll..

Seriously THE END !

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