Thursday, January 10

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Last night I was very depressed and I had nobody else to talk. Actually I have but I dont want anyone to involve in my problem because it makes them upset as well. I dont want to disturb people around me nor depress them as they never understand the things. Well so early in the morning I visited my cousin and left her my stuff.
Mobile as well so that she can handle and I just wanted to be alone and meditate. Because I really need it. I need to think over the situation I am currently in.
I spent the day outside for 7 hours and of course she got worried and argued with my friends by urging them if they know something where could I be.

I saw what they texted. I never knew my cousin's opinions about me.That I am a slut.
Just my opinions are far different than my family and nobody understands it..
I cannot tell about rest of the day.
Because it is some more shit.
I just hate my culture and tradition.
Maybe I dont hate anything
but it is people around me who
 to make me hate.. I was just thinking that
nobody really cares nothing about me.
But I just felt relieved a bit because I have 2 wondersome best friends who care me.
I am sorry to worry you guys.
♥ I love you both ♥
And I swear that if someday we offend each other and dont keep in touch or die
I will always remember both of you good
and just tell I had the greatest bliss of my life
with you two shining stars.
Here my writing is done for today.
Keep calm and get ready for one another adventurous story of tomorrow.
Ja Kiitos Cashew
Und Danke Theo
Night Night.