Saturday, November 10

HomeMade Samara xD

ohh i look like one of the witches in Macbeth

Do you wanna play a game?

I wanna play a game xD Almost there is no such a difference the ring and saw figures xD

Scary Something

Year 1997... I was just 7 years old kid and I used to meet my childhood friends in apartment corridor at nights.. We were either 7 or more.. We used to pick up such rainy days to be more effective when we begin to tell our scary stories because corridor's roof was made of glass..At rainy nights thunder sound would be heard so clear and when the automatic lights were switched off lightning would be reflected from the window roof which would cause panic among us..Especially you could hear the wind and raindrops because there were some cracked parts on the roof. The raindrops would run through the little holes and drip on the basements, sometimes some big pieces of glass roof would fall in the darkness and shatter into pieces which would make us scream out. It was scary enough for us to end our night meeting in a sudden and run away to our homes..At those nights either one of us would cry cuz of fear, pee her/his pants or tells something funny to distract all of us to prevent talking about ghosts but we would never give up meeting. So it turned out to be a kind of apartment kids tradition.. Sometimes we would sit with a dim candle light.. Briefly apartment corridor was such a great place for the best atmosphere of ghost stories..
I was a brave kid but I would get scared too. Sometimes, when we are quiet I would scream out by telling something poked me to speed up heartbeatings all of us in the darkness. We would seek each other's eyes in terror and all the ghost stories never had an end because of many reasons such like those..

[10 years later]
At university, of course with a different group of friends, we had the tradition of watching horror movies at nights.. Some of them would hug me and some of them used to close their eyes :DDDD After the end of the movie, I would really scare someone in the darkness especially by picking up the most coward preys :DDD How??? By putting my mobile's screen light on my face hehe.. They would tell it is scary but I never believed in them unless I saw by myself how scary I could be..

ohh this one is really scary..



Hahaha this one looks funnier

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