Sunday, December 30

Sweet Dreams

onkkk 12pm I fewl aswwiip för 10 minuten and I haff yew in ma dream..  it wuz sö cuwtt dat wi were in a gawden, everywhee wuz gween and sum buttaflies and sum daisiess, wi were switting on a bank side by side.. yew were tewling mi sumfing and then wi giwggled. I tod yew I miwssed yew a lot sö yew geyv mi a warm hug.. I rewly sensed hoe wam it wuz aws if it wuz reawl.. i wuz sö heppiiii and rwaxed..

Then Shit I woke up.. :( fuck it, i thought it was real :( and I felt sad when i woke up cuz the dream was gone.