Thursday, December 27

It's A Piece Of Cake

Goodnight !!
I guess I have a lot to tell right now. But first I need to arrange the things on my mind as it seems it is gonna be a long story. All in all I thought that it is another simple and boring day of my life span but I would never know Cashew and Theo will make my day. [Thank you guys]

There were many things on my mind which make me worry a lot. Actually it has been such a terrible week that passed with full of waiting for something. I am just tired and bored of it at all. I need regularity as I am ruining my life on my own.

I will have job interview soon I guess.. I dont really wanna talk about it unless  I get the job because my first interview ended up with failure so I wont conment if the things never get certainity. Anyway.

I am just depressed I guess..As nothing goes right and everything is a mess. I just pretend to be glad as if I dont have any problems.. I dont expect too much but I wish people could know how little things make me the happiest person in the world..

While having two insane friends how do you expect me to feel upset constantly..They make me feel I am cared and never be alone.

Well I know Theo is a bit weird but I never had a normal friend in my life :D That is what makes me smile when I think about. Friends always accept each other as the way they are. ♥

I spent whole afternoon by chatting with Cashew. Dunno if she had some fun, me and my silly imaginations.. How would our current situation be if we were in WW3. It is sad to talk about war but you know I am a jackass that I can make fun of everything except some serious stuff..

What made me giggle a lot is that Cashew went for running to feel more energetic but she came back by feeling sick. I told her to have rest tho. She is insane in a way but lol she is always cute and kind to me that is what makes me love her as my best friend :D

In the evening I decided to bake a cake actually it was in the afternoon when i decided so that it gets ready for Cashew to eat but well I had some urgent stuff to do earlier. Anyway. The cake is called Revani in Turkish. But it tastes sour sweet like lemon cake.. Of course Cashew was there as a cheerleader to motivate me ahahah.

Second reason why I love Cashew is that even if put a piece of coal before her to eat, maybe she would eat not to give offense.. ♥ My kind hearted best friend.. Btw she is a good cook ^^  I am proud of her :D

Yeah eventually I baked the cake.. Well a bit burnt because of mom's oven but it was her idea to bake it in second oven although I insisted that I should use the other oven as I know its qualifications more than this one but there is no such a big problem anyway..

Tadaa, here it is ^^

By the way there is some cake for everyone !! And of course my anxiety continued lololol so I made fun of it at all.. Want some proof? Okay then here is another conversation history...

Yeah I had to ask for copy rights  in the end so as not to be arrested :DDD I am grateful to have those 2 insane girls.. They push me to smile even if I really dont feel like to..

God bless you guys !!