Tuesday, February 12

Cover Of The Book

Sometimes cover of the books might not give us the exact information about the content form and structure. We might be captivated by a random book that has an improper cover whereas some of the covers could be telling the best sparkling and striking sentece of a boring simple book.. The all I wanted to mean is covers sometimes lie..
Humans are like that as well.. We only see them from the surface but we would never know what is inside early before reading them... I try not to generalize nor judge but even I am one of those stupids who is fooled by what I see on the cover but not reading.. But there are also some people I regret to read because they ruin my psychology with their never ending rising and falling action that is rich in many foil characters and an only protagonist.. So I begin to think if it was worth to spend my time on that person. However my curiousity and good intentions can never be restrained.. I wanna read everyone to categorize and find a best place to keep on my shelf...

Wonder What's Wrong With Me

Maybe a good song to listen to 
I am gonna let it go.

She Never Was And Never Will Be

The sky is crying now,
maybe it feels me better than i do..
It feels how upset and lonely I am..
Streets are empty
there is still time for sunrise..
I dont wanna sun shine,
please dont shine over my dreams
those dreams I make hard with my nails
because they quickly fade away
and every single day just takes you away.
Time is running out
I recognize but I am helpless
I dont wanna be stranger to the face once I am familiar with..
I just break, I just hurt
I just watch in silence
I dont wanna seek,
I dont wanna struggle for the new comers..
I am peaceful with the olds..
Because I can  never replace
And It hurts my heart,
You dont recognize
it worries me and you dont even feel..
I wish I could be that cold feelingless steel..
So that I could pack and go far away
Without ties, without mercy, without pity
But no, I am stuck over here by myself
that is the worst enemy to me
And I have no power nor remedy
I cannot save my soul
From the hands of bad fortune
Because i was an easy prey
I dont wanna lose it all
Not having is better than losing
As I came this far by chance
I realize that double taken what is given
It is nothing but gambling
And I know that feeling
It is beyond everything
If I am never needed then
I could be more than nothing