Tuesday, September 25

Princess Sheherazade (Şehrazat)

When I was a kid around my 10s, cartoons were enough qualified that we would remember all the time no matter how old we are... such as Tom&Jerry, Mickey, Candy Candy, Heidi ( la la luuuya haha ), Ninja Turtles, Duffy, Road runner and coyote (beep beep) etc etc.

I think at that time Disney was the most leading factor in every child's small world.. It is because Disney would introduce new addictive kind of cartoons to us per month.

I wonder who remembers Princess Sheherazade? To give imformation I should mention that whole the story is based on a smart persian princess and a clumsy genie who is inlove with her as I remember... Anyway

This introduction was to provide background information and create such a persian atmosphere as I would like to talk about the dream I had early in the morning because the dream is related...

《《《 I was in vineyard with my mom. My sister's mother and father in law just came to ask whether we can accompany them as they needed to travel somewhere so we agreed. We four got on Hammer and travelled somewhere Sahra Desert.. Soil was sparkling piece by piece and some caravansary were built up.. Drums and bazaars were really reflecting arabic and persian culture.. My sister's mother just showed me a girl from the window and passed me a black bag to give her... I got off the car and followed her from distance with the bag in my hand.. The public square was very crowded that I was worried to miss the girl.. But she was wearing something yellow on her which was shining like a sun, her persian type dress was dazzling my eyes therefore it was impossible to miss her among the crowd..  ( i wonder why persian women used to wear some clothes that leaves their belly or stomach bare ) then she entered in a temple so I had to hurry up and I began to run behind her as she was going downstairs...But she also noticed that she was being chased and began to speed up by looking behind.. Her wavy long dark hair began to swing because of the wind.. She was about to enter another room I just held her arm from her back and I said "could you please give me some minutes as we need to talk" but she said "no, as I dont know who you are"... So I tried to convince her by showing the bag in my hand as it is for her then she said "OK, let's have an ancient persian coffee".. She took me to another dim room.. I just sat on a couch and she asked "how are you Beyza?" ... I was like that o_O "how do you know my name?" ... She was very mysterious.. I just stared at her from top to bottom.. She was very beautiful as I thought I never saw such a beautiful girl in my life so she gave me once-over as well and she said she knows not only my name but also everything about me.. "Girl, I am a fortuneteller! and I can read your mind,didnt you still realise that?" So I just kept quiet and gave her the bag.. At that time a male servant with a ridiculous feather on his head just brought us coffee and then left the room by locking the door behind... She opened the bag and took out the yellow dress similar with her dress she was currently wearing.. She just asked me to turn my back and drink my coffee.. So I just turned my back and sipped my coffee by watching the architectural ornaments on the ceiling..The coffee was very dark and hard as it trembled my body :D then she said "By the way, I saw that your future will be great Beyza, I really envy you".. I was just surprised and speechless.. After a while she just said "okay, you can look now" ... When I turned my face she was also watching herself in the mirror by turning around :D .. I was like that "But, but ... this is the same dress that you were wearing" ... She smiled and said "no, this one is far different than the other". But I was really sure that both are the same dresses... She was like a fairy, extremely charming and beautiful... Then I began to feel dizzy and fell asleep on couch. I heard some crowd knocking on the room door of the temple, I opened my eyes and noticed two coffee cups.. Persian girl's was still standing untouched with the coffee inside. I thought that probably she added sleeping pills into mine and disappeared while I was sleeping. :D I just heard mom was also screaming out my name and I directly stared outside the door while lying down because I was still dizzy... She came and hugged me saying that they were worried about me as I didnt return such a long time and thanked God that I am still alive... She also asked how could I survive without any burn as all the temple burned down and I was just sleeping in flames when they extinguished the fire. I just said "I dont know.." Then I was woken up by the ring of my alarm clock. 》》》

Such an interesting and impressive dream.. But I really enjoyed as it was very exotic especially desert and temple part made me feel like I was somewhere in Egypt or the southest part of Iran among persian people who bargain while exchanging what they have in 5th century.

To Be Continued ...

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The Art Of Boredom

LoL pict #1 sounds like a piece of shit :D but it was highly hard to paint as you really cant guess where will be colored automatically.. Of course B and K have special meanings such as Beloved Kevin... hahaha dont look at me like this >>>> o_O I am just kidding..Those letters refer to my name and surname.. But I wish I didnt draw the hearts as they look so lame :D:D:D
Sometimes it is really fun to deal with childish stuff...
pict #2 as you can guess what inspired me to draw this..I liked blue marker hehehe as it also represents samsung itself...Appearantly I am obsessed with drawing hearts hahaha...they are really lame :D well never think that the blog owner is 13 years old...It is a way of trying something new. Now I am gonna bed, next time I promise that I will do something better than those... But I really wish that I didnt quit drawing when I was 15 as I could be better..
Night Night guys ^^

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