Tuesday, September 25

The Art Of Boredom

LoL pict #1 sounds like a piece of shit :D but it was highly hard to paint as you really cant guess where will be colored automatically.. Of course B and K have special meanings such as Beloved Kevin... hahaha dont look at me like this >>>> o_O I am just kidding..Those letters refer to my name and surname.. But I wish I didnt draw the hearts as they look so lame :D:D:D
Sometimes it is really fun to deal with childish stuff...
pict #2 as you can guess what inspired me to draw this..I liked blue marker hehehe as it also represents samsung itself...Appearantly I am obsessed with drawing hearts hahaha...they are really lame :D well never think that the blog owner is 13 years old...It is a way of trying something new. Now I am gonna bed, next time I promise that I will do something better than those... But I really wish that I didnt quit drawing when I was 15 as I could be better..
Night Night guys ^^

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