Monday, September 24

Monday Syndrome

Actually it is very hard do wake up early in the morning on mondays. It is because we get accustomed to laziness at the weekend by relaxing or spending time by sleeping but my situation is very different and I decleared monday as holiday because I have no time at the weekend even sunday..I just wake up early and then go course and spend 9 hours over there.. Anyway

But it is really great to begin such a day with "Goodmorning" text from someone you love ... or ... with listening to one of your favourite song even though you know that it will be a hard day..As I have no one in my life I have to be content with music.. When it comes to my all friends, they never text me unless I text them Hi...
It doesnt mean I am always lonely
Cuz I have my soul as an accompany.

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  1. actually this is my 8th mobile, one of them was grey and the rest of all were this time I decided to buy white as there is only 3 colors in turkey yet.. white, black and pebble blue..