Tuesday, October 9


Lets have a talk today as I really feel like to integrate maths and daily life. My maths teachers always say that "in order to speed up we should practise and apply maths in daily life so that we learn how to relate the formulas while taking tests."

So my integration method is a bit ridiculous today and I really dont know where did it come to my mind. I know it is awkward and nonsense maybe but I really wanted to share as sometimes I doubt if I am schizophrenic :DDDD

First of all I need to explain some terms and their values:
a: my childhood neighbour 1year younger than me
x: my downstair neighbour for 16 years and 10 years younger than my mom
y: my front door neighbour for 16 years at the same age with my mom
m: stupid neighbour around my age
n: m's stupid sister around her 15s
t: m and n's liar and shouting father
U: sometimes resultant sometimes my ex apartment neighbour for 10 years and far way older than me but far way younger than my mom too
p1: common shared stupid iron mailbox standing inside of the apartmant 1meter close to apartment entrance door.
e: elevator XD
b: me [hahahahah]

PS. "U" just moved to an another apartment that is close here (thanx god but she is everytime here or calling)
I will show it at the end of page.

-NEIGH: Sometimes I really wanna call my neighbours as horse(bad meaning) because they make me sick enough so neigh neigh neeeigh sound is onomatopoeia that refers to horse. ( I love pun [playing on words] by the way)
-BRRR: the sound comes from my mouth when x, y, U end up with our door early in the morning and doorbell wakes me up.
- EAR: direct implication as "y" is all ears 24/7 like a clock.
- IN MOURN: my situation whole through the life if I dont move away [haha]

Notice: My apartment has 5 floors and each floor has 4 doors so there are 23 doors in our apartment LOL you will ask how but 2 doors are on ground floor and 1 door is the main entrance door of the apartment. Now we deal?? Yeah we do.
Okay then lets start ^^

From 10:00 pm to 7:30 am/ equation is:
(x-a)U(x+3y).[-t(m+n)]= {0}
my childhood friend "a" is at university in another city, "x" is not home, "y" wanted to ring the bell 3 times but then changed her mind, "u" is planning to visit us at her home. So the formula briefly means nobody rang the bell yet and {0} symbol shows that I am really happy and sleeping peacefully. :DDDD

After 7:30 am/ equation and their meanings:
IF (u)= 1; she came alone
(u+x) = 2 ; we have 2 visitors as "x" returned home from outside and paid short visit to us
(u+y) = 2/2 ; "y" just opened her door and trying to guess whose shoes are standing front of my door [hahaha]
(u+x+y) = 3,14~ ; "y" is just dying to know who are the two persons in my house as she opened her door approximately more than 14 times to figure out whose shoes are staying in front of my door that long [I dont check her door but I hear her opening her door or lock sound from my kitchen as she is too noisy]
(u+x+y)= 3 ; we have 3 visitors as in the end "y" couldnt bear and came in to check who are our visitors as she couldnt really guess from the shoes
(a+b+y)-(x-u) = 2/15; my neighbour "a" came for holiday from school and at night we two are talking some stuff, "u" came in the morning and left in the afternoon, "x" even didnt pay short visit and "y" is all ears active for participation in her own house [ #$@¿¡]
(y) = ~ ; damn bad news as "y" left her front door full open
***So you can figure out that "u" comes here everyday with the excuse that she loves mom and me a lot and "y" never leaves us alone for a while.

Some days when I go out/equation
IF (m+n)U(p1) = m+n ; probably our letters either thorn apart or read by the stupid sisters
t(e+m+n).(-m-n+b)÷2 = 1 ; I saw "m" and "n" around outside but I came in apartment then I am in elevator with their father and my life is in danger.

So mostly I am in my bedroom and shouting mom like that whenever the doorbell rings ...
"Mommmm open the door as for 999999999999~% sure, my step mother "y" is waiting at the door."
"Mommmm open the door as probably my step sister "u" is at the door."

As I mentioned before, I drew daily direction of "u"

This is how I really felt while typing this page

Original picture of "all ear" term

This is probably "y" when she is listening through the walls

Me XD as I really feel that much wicked to tear my neighbours into pieces with electric saw* not sure whatever it is called but you guys got me anyway. XD

Not related with topic but

This is how Rihanna looks LMFAO