Monday, September 24

Monday Syndrome

Actually it is very hard do wake up early in the morning on mondays. It is because we get accustomed to laziness at the weekend by relaxing or spending time by sleeping but my situation is very different and I decleared monday as holiday because I have no time at the weekend even sunday..I just wake up early and then go course and spend 9 hours over there.. Anyway

But it is really great to begin such a day with "Goodmorning" text from someone you love ... or ... with listening to one of your favourite song even though you know that it will be a hard day..As I have no one in my life I have to be content with music.. When it comes to my all friends, they never text me unless I text them Hi...
It doesnt mean I am always lonely
Cuz I have my soul as an accompany.

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Notes On The Shelf

No matter how much I am the girl of gloomy colors such as black and grey I like colorful stuff when it comes to decorate something if it is suitable.. I really love taking some notes whenever I am reading book or surfing online, especially the lines I find humorous or very impressive... Here you could see some samples.. By the way it is almost 2:30am and I am very sleepy, maybe I can continue later ha? As all the inspiration faded away as well only after when I put my head on the pillow.. So night night !!! sweet dreams

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