Thursday, December 6

Pssshhh No Good

If a face changes when you put a light from top or each sides then what does a human face look like exactly ? What is the real face of this life?

"Sokrates's karısı: dur gitme,seni haksız yere asacaklar der.
O da: Haklı yere mi assalardı der."

Give up on my way if you cannot drop your mask. I wanna reach for the ultimate truths.

Girl With A Broken Smile

The window top on my head whenever I sleep. The sky was very beautiful early in the morning so I just wanted to take an advantage of it by watching the sunrise. 

It reminded me of my childhood dreams. The more I grew up, the more I lost them. I know humans cannot live without holding on their own dreams but I really dont know what to hold on. I dont know what to do, I dont know how to feel. I cant hold on my broken dreams because they were shattered into pieces that nothing can fix them ever again. Every single pain and disappointment just took something  away from me piece by piece, so I feel that I can give anything good. I am useless myself so how could a person expect nice things from me. 

I am just broken and insecure.. I really dont know when I will be able to feel that peaceful.. There are many thoughts in my mind and I am captivated by them. The worst thing I cant concentrate on anything.

Maybe I am feeling disappointed again :( or lack of motivation..