Monday, October 22

But Tonight I Am Fucking You

View from my window 3days ago.. It was raining in the stillest hour or a night.

Tonight. It is raining as well..
Love the rain so that it rains over me.
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Still I Dont Feel Like Doing Anything

Well today I have nothing interesting to type over here. I feel so empty and this is the first time I have such an unproductive day. No poems, no short stories. I didnt even move my pen today even though there are some nights that I wake up from my deep sleep trying to find pen and pencil so urgently to write some lines whenever I am inspired.
I love this way and I would really bother to get up from such a sweet and warm bed for few lines. I wouldnt be able to sleep back otherwise...

It is my little notebook, few days ago I bought it because I liked the writing on it... I wanna live my life just for few seconds without thinking of anything, that would be the only way for me to be free. I cant be free if my mind is not free.. But how will I do that while my mind is like a garbage can? I am confused with my feelings, I doubt as I might do something that I dont really want to or I am doing something which I am not sincere while doing it...

I like collecting key chains.. I just buy them from the different cities I visit, especially I pick up the key chains which exactly reflects the city by itself.. Sometimes my friends also give me some weird key chains which they think I might like. But I dont have many keys to use all of these key chains xD

Besides I needed to add what fruit was there in today's fruit menu

Pomegranate.. yummy
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A Lot Weirrrddd

This is the 5th day and probably I wont look at clock ever again xD