Sunday, November 11

Bad Romance

I want your love and
I want your revenge,
You and me
Could write a bad romance.
I want your love and
I want your revenge,
I want your love
I dont wanna be friends..

The ones we dont wanna make friends ask us to be their friends most of the time...

# Dear my love, havent you wanted to be with me? Dear my love, havent you longed to be free??

# Do you have power to seek for the unique pearl in deep oceans even if you are 100% sure that you will never ever find it?
# Do you still have courage to talk about love with me?
# Just tell me if life is playing its best game with us?
# Gambling, Gambler, we have no chance as I am totally exhausted as you are such a failure in your own games..
So sometimes it is necessary to turn the page and keep going on writing your own story..
# Some pages will smell like a bottle of love..
# Some pages will smell like a bucket of bitterness...

My blood is running so crazy, so strong in my veins..
Just I dont care as nobody dies from love. If you just created a wicked demon out of a sweet angel then here I am..So shut up and walk on your way..As everybody knows nobody is irreplaceable THAT'S IT...

On My Way To Home

Such a rainy day but it was still cool to be out and got wet from top to bottom.

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Art For Art's Sake

Sometimes we show interest to things that other people think it is only waste of time.. I dont think so, maybe in this boring life there is nothing to be considered as a loss of time as long as we are glad.. Whatever the stuff is, it is always great to creat something that has never been done before..

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Cry Me A River

I opened my eyes to the rainy day again.Yeah I love rain but this is extremely much as it has been raining for about 4 days lol.. I went jogging early in the morning and I took some happiness and peace in my lungs.

Sometimes filling the blanks differs from time to time... It depends on how I fill them at all..