Friday, March 15

Dim Candle Light

I wish there was a fairy to bring me cake and say me that my only one wish will become real. I would blow the candles by saying the greatest wish of my life. But some fairy tales has an irresistable end.. We all know.. You touch my heart! You make my heart beat somehow from the far. Miles away ...
I feel like a little kid whose best doll is taken from her hands while she was playing the greatest part of the game. Knot in my throat and I cant gulp it down. My lower lip slowly curves down and I cant help. Why me? Why me but not the other kids? Yeah I know, I really know that it wouldnt be fair then and I cant wish other people's sadness while they are already in their own pain.
Do you remember?
Whatever happens I would always take the blame on me, [yeah me] to save you from trouble.. I tried to be shelter, I tried to be a strong armor to you kid so that you dont fall and bleed your knees..
Alas !!!
I fell many times and always my knees bled.. You were not aware because I never showed you. Because I was shy to tell you. I should have been the strong one between us so as to teach you not to cry even though I was crying inside. Yeah one of us has to be strong like a steel and I chose to be... You never saw my tears because I ran them into me.
Time was a torch to beam upon the past.. I breathed you in me.. We intermingled that night and all.. I saw the masterpiece of God one more time,how he created such a unique
virtue.. So divine, so heavenly.. Like the most tasty apples from Eden. One would die to bite one piece from the edge but me? Yeah me? I even couldnt dare to touch because I was scared if you lose your brightness..
I grew up so fast that I couldnt have time to look back.. Lost years.. Time took so many things from me by giving nothing back.. But I still feel you... I still feel you everywhere.. I promise that;
You are my tears whenever I cry...
And I swear you are in my smile...