Tuesday, April 23

Sky Is The Limit

Have a nice day fellas..
How are you doing?? Sorry, it is the first time I am asking it right??? I am so thoughtless but I am not self centered even though I write all about me.. Just they are my feelings that I share most of the time.

Today I am gonna rant about friendship.

First of all I have to admit that I make friends with fakers who are just some bitches and bastards indeed... I know I always complain but I have never seen such bullshit people in my life before. Yeah it is called experience but I am tired of experiencing the things with worthless people at all..

Some people dont know about appreciation. I dont expect too much but at least a little word "thank you" would be fine and kind to tell others if they do something good for you.

Some people do not even care your existence until they need in something you might provide them. Fuck this materialistic world.. Everything gains value with money in people's grace. What happened to love, respect, loyality and honesty ??  Die bitches. Nothing could worth to the simple smile of a person.. Money wouldnt buy it at all..

GET OUT right now then as I dont need such people who fake to tell me s/he misses/loves me after all not keeping in touch for a long time.. Lmfao and I still care all about those people by supposing them they are still my friends while they are not giving a shit.. Probably I showed so much care that it only flew their ass out and made them think they are something priceless..

So no mercy.. Cross the bacteria out! I cant sicken myself anymore for the sake of wicked people who act like they are my friends. Sorry but those humans even dont mean anything to me ha.. Anyway.. I have a life to carry on and no time for those.. Fuck you assholes..

Bye for now.