Friday, December 21

The Heart Of Doom

21.12.2012    Mayans are trolling us again!

Well I have never believed in that nonsense prediction.. Why would i? 
I watched the news and saw how people and the world went crazy. Especially in Turkey. There was a man wo travelled Izmir so as to get rid of the flood :D that is not funny but the funny thing was the way he dressed.. He was like trown out of a western movie.. Cowboy hat, boots etc. Only his horse was missing. Yeah yeah dressing was gonna save him and he talked about Noah's ship ahaha maybe in ancient times he was the monkey in that ship and reborn as a human :D I am still giggling when I visualize him, I cant help at all :D and of course I texted one of my friend who was living in Izmir.. "Too bad that the world didnt end?" lol he was gonna kill me by himself. Here is my some jokes about doomsday on formspring.. Dunno but I really laughed at by myself..

So doomsday was the theme of thr day !!