Tuesday, June 5

Just a little bit nostalgia in the stillest hour of the night :D I think I knew how to be attractive at an early age of my childhood !!!

New Steps

Hey Guys !!

        Well, first of all let's have some background information about who I am :D
Actually I hate that kind of introduction but anyway, My name is Beyza and my friends used to call me ''BASIC'' at highschool.. It is because we were studying English vocabularies and suddenly we came across the word Basic which is almost pronounced like my name :) 
Even though some people said that I look Spanish (because I am brunette) or German (I used to look like blonde) I am a Turkish girl indeed but I would rather live in somewhere Scandinavia, don't know why but it has been one of my dreams since I was 15.
        I am an English Language and Literature graduate (ps: I took my last exam 7 days ago) and already missing the faculty of arts and my friends !! Anyway, I am a spoilt kid and hard-headed person XD I do whatever I want actually even if you might try to tell me what to do but I am open to criticism and new ideas.. Briefly open minded
        My friends generally say that I am a crazy and funny person..According to some rumors I am thought to be creative as well...Therefore these are the only things that may make me proud of then !!! Yeah I love making jokes but hope I am not offensive (forgive me guys)...I don't like talking about religion and politics..Because both are the argumentative topics to talk about as they heat-up people around :) So I respect and wish to be respected in return.
I am warm,friendly, optimistic and I like sweet words.. But that doesn't mean I don't have enemies :D
         There is no middle point in my life.. Either I like a person or I hate... If I love a person then I try to do my best to make her/him happy.. I am humanistic.. I care about people much more than myself which ends with the downfall or disappointment from time to time but I never lost my faith so !!!
          Briefly I am a good person but I might be worse than Mephistopheles if I am hurt.. So guys please, do not benefit from my pure intentions... As  each woman has the capacity of turning into a Lilith !!!