Tuesday, December 4


These days I just cannot concentrate on the things I am supposed to do, few things make me possed off and I really hate people who are all around and trying to make me fall.

Too much pressure that I cannot handle with by myself no matter how hard I try. It is "Stab in the Back" season again.. But c'moon why me all the time. I am just tired and 22 years were fair enough to witness all these creepy stuffs.

Untrue statements, rumours, assumptions began to hurt me although I never gave damn about them. Sometimes they go too far that even it makes me feel suspicious from myself . I dont trust myself so..

Cause it’s just the way the story goes
how it ends nobody knows
Tell me what I have to do
Cause I just wanna be with you.

Well, I have just found an English song by a turkish singer..