Thursday, October 4

Pride and Prejudice

Chill out what you're yelling for?
I am just a humanbeing, so are you.
With mistakes with truths, with good or bad deeds.. Soul and flesh as a whole..
Everybody has life span and we are not comparing wealth, knowledge or brains to get who has the biggest as we are equal when we die. Will you take the earthly things to the ground?

Too much prejudice and pride just harm people.

Here you see the closure of the curtains of a pride person's life.

From his teens to his death he says:
Too fat
Too old
Smelling too bad
Too ugly
Too dangerous
Too social
Too bare
Too tall
Too young
Hmm I think the 3rd one wasnt that bad indeed.
Azrail/Azrael says: Too late !!
(that is how exactly someone lives all alone)

Some kids or teens also never know:

Because sometimes things are not the same as it seems..By the way I didnt cut the pictures as someone just tagged it to like if you found it sad.. well yeah it is a sad story.
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