Friday, March 1

I Know The Truth Now

All I need to look inside of people in some circumstances. Because they dont show their real face until the very last second. I am just disappointed because I'm stabbed in the back one more time. They are taking sides even if they act like they never do and it makes me feel like laughing at their face :D There is a saying in Turkish: "Denize düşen yılana sarılır" means "the one who falls into the sea, hugs the snake" .. I think its meaning is clear enough.. Anyway..

These days I miss Cash a lot, her pc is fucking broken down grrrrr.. But thanx God we still have connection ♥ Baby, hope that it works properly or I will kick it.. Ohh it will almost be a year within 2months since we met.. Darling you are the best damn thing that has ever happened to me :DDD You are my pain in the ass :* And I dont know if you still remember my tree adventures for the high connection.. This summer I expect it to be the same hahaha.. And ice hockey matches on TV.. Go Finland... Goooo... Thanx for being in my life darling, hope to meet you and then take you Amsterdam LOLOL..
Bye for now.