Thursday, March 14

Hospital Phobia Mania

I spent the whole night at hospital again.. In the evening my aunt and uncle came to visit us but I was very dizzy because of massive headache.So she directly measured my blood pressure it was 10-4 as the normal one is 12-8 then she insisted I should go and see a doctor although I refusedany times.. But at the end I waa taken to urgency. They gave me serum to increase my blood pressure. I wanted to escape because I even hate hygenic hospital scent, hospitals and I have blood disgust. I told these to doctor that I would faint when I am injected something but everytime they say it is not a big deal..

Ouch Ouch Ouch

Special thanks to male nurse as he cracked up my veins until he found the right one.Omg my arm hurts so much that I can hardly move it and it bled a lot.. Wheww I still feel disgusted a lot. Fuckers..I really dont know how I could come back home because I was like drunk and laughing at silly things as if I took some ecstasy LOL.. I still have low blood pressure though.. Anyways.
Night Night..

The Pearls

Me again !!!
I dont know how I am feeling right now but it is something sweet and a bit of little rush.. How did we get to our childhoods while we were talking about something different.. I luff yew.


Hello Fellas..
Selam Millet..
Bazen Türkçe, bazen İngilizce (90%) ve bazen Almanca yazıp gidiyorum işte.. Aylar oldu bloguma yazmaya başlayalı ve iyiki de birileri bana esin kaynağı ve rehber olmuş diyorum.. Bir şekilde kendi düşüncelerimi hissettiklerimi ya da o anda dikkatimi çeken herhangi bir şeyi aktarmak gibisi yok..

Türk Takipçilerime 

Benim için önemli olan bu blogu takip ettiğiniz için teşekkürler.. Sormak istediğiniz herhangi birşey varsa gönderilerime yorum yapabilirsiniz.. Vee şimdi ingilizceye dönelim.

For My English Speaker Followers
Top 6 

Thank you for reading and following my blog which is the most precious thing for me.. If you have any questions you might comment and ask as I will be right over there..
Sorry that my blog is personal as it doesnt carry the aim of advertisement of sell purchase stuff besides it is not about trend. health, youth and fashion.. But I am fine with it as long as it has something about life..
Anyway.. Love all of you and how glad I am that my blog is already read more than 2500 times.. Thank you so much.
See you ♥♥♥

Hiding In Amaranth

Deep thoughts
Being busy
Multiple choices

All of these... I dont know what to do.. But today I just saw the shop I am gonna work in april/may or rest of my life we can never know.. But the problem is money, I dont know how much to demand because it is always the problem. How about the exam.. Omg I am damn fucked up... Anyway.