Monday, April 1

For God's Sake

Hello today is April 1st
So April Fools, I dont know who the hell found it but I had the worst joke of my life today.. My ears omg, I cannot even hold my head stable so I am gonna sleep soon as I cannot bear this bullshit pain but glad that I got rid of stupid pranks.. It doesnt worth though.. Health is the most blessed gift that we are given.. I get it these days as this is the 4th time I went to see a doctor less than a week.. Besides I will see him again on thursday :/ hope that it will be the last time I see him.. Anyway my head is banging right now.. Triple massive headaches from each sides are making me feel like fainting all over here.. So have a good time and prank behalf of me as I dont have any power to laugh or play trick on someone due to the pain.
Bye Bye

My Strong Desire To Write

Do you ever miss me now?
Like the dept of hell, I miss you
And the days of cheer and bliss
I dont know how could we just
Waste and those days are gone.
Damn we were always in trouble
But you were always the smile
On my face that I long for now.
All gone by leaving some traces
Like wrinkles and simple sadness
Time washed the things all away
And we became strangers at all.
Can you feel me in your heart?
Just for once, once for a lifetime.
Is this the thing we're meant to be
Cruel fate made us fall apart
While we were trying to hold tight
Now you are there and I am here
Your presence lingers all around
In my chamber, in mind and heart
How to let you go? I dont know
I swear, I really dont know anything
Since the day you decided to go
So run away as much as you can
Climb up the mountains,pass deserts
Cross the rivers and oceans and go
If you think it is the best thing to do
And take back whatever you gave
As the pure loving hearts never care
Whatever they have been once given
Since the beloved giver of all those
Becomes more stanger than a stranger
Even the body burns and heart desires.
When you lit candles of anger and revenge
Sparkle and sparkle and fire and flame
There is no other way to blow it off
No matter how hard and strong you try
No matter how much you just rush
As you know that it only turns trash
And there will be nothing left but ash